10,244 Box Tops


Box Tops are an easy way to help our schools.  Simply clip and deliver to your campus and we'll do the rest!  Each Box Top is worth 10¢ and is submitted to Box Tops for Education in March and November.

A few rules - 

1. Check the expiration date.  Box Tops for Education is very strict on expiration dates.  Please do not submit Box Tops that are expired as it creates additional work for our volunteers when counting and submitting.  Expired Box Tops will not be included in the total for any campaign.

2. Expiration date and 3 letter acronym must be intact.  If the Box Top torn, it cannot be submitted.  


3. Tape or glue Box Tops to collection sheets.  You can also send them in a baggie.  

4. Clearly label the student's name, grade and teacher on each submission. 

5. Look everywhere for Box Tops!  They are on General Mills products, Lysol brands, Hanes, Papermate and so much more!

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Sunnyvale PTA

2021-2022 SISD School Year