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Welcome Back Raiders 2019

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Every July, Sunnyvale PTA begins planning events to welcome back teachers, students and parents. We do this because our teachers matter. Our students matter. Our parents matter! Every Raider (a loving term used to collectively refer to students, teachers, parents, administration, grandparents, community partners, etc.) deserves to feel welcome when they enter our campuses Our task was great, but we were ready to tackle anything! Here is a quick rundown of the last 8 weeks. I'm sure I've missed something!

In July, Sunnyvale PTA board members attended Texas PTA's LAUNCH convention in Grapevine, TX. We got to meet new vendors (ice cream is coming!) and get new ideas on how to reach parents (family night is taking on a new look!). We networked with larger PTAs and gathered information on how they support their parents. We sat with state PTA board members and hashed out all the legislation PTA supported/opposed this session. It was a blur of 3 days, but we came away pumped and energized to start the year!

We also got to begin our sensory room shopping for Sunnyvale Intermediate School. What a thrill! Thanks to 100 Women of Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale PTA was able to furnish the new campus' sensory room immediately benefiting our intermediate students. This was such a joy!

August - the fastest month of the year.

First, a little meet-and-greet for incoming kinders and their parents. Our Popsicles on the Playground was a hit! Even the seniors got a sweet treat that day.

Fish Camp! We welcomed all incoming 9th graders to the high school with snacks and a tour.

New SISD Staff Breakfast - Sunnyvale PTA provided breakfast to all the new SISD employees. Welcome New Raiders!

Raider 101 - The following Monday, we helped welcome new families to Sunnyvale, feed them some yummy barbecue and provide tours of the campuses. This event is so much fun!

All SISD Welcome Back Breakfast - 8/13 was the official welcome back for our SISD employees. We fed them a warm Jason's Deli breakfast and left a little treat for the afternoon to keep their spirits up.

School Supplies were delivered 8/13, too! Over 700 kits were sorted and distributed to classrooms before Meet the Teacher. Thanks to a few key volunteers, this took roughly 8 hours to complete.

Sunnyvale PTA fed teachers breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner over the next two weeks. We also delivered Sonic drinks before meet the teacher and on the first week of school. We love our teachers and wanted to keep them fueled for the long days ahead!

First day of school! New campuses meant new traffic patterns. We thought signs might help guide the way!

Boo-hoo/Ya-hoo! went great at the elementary school for our kinder parents.

New construction meant a blank slate. Sunnyvale PTA decorated and filled the teachers lounge at the intermediate school and recently provided appliances to the high school's new lounge.

Needless to say, we receive paychecks of the heart for our time spent spoiling our teachers and staff. Thank you to all of YOU who support us in this endeavor! We absolutely cannot do this without your support. We have a full agenda and would love to have your help! If you're ready to join us in supporting our Raiders, each and every one of them, email us at We'd love to have you!

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