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What does the PTA do?

Every year, the Sunnyvale PTA is posed the question, "What does the PTA do?"

So, in an ongoing effort to keep our members and community informed, we will do our best to keep everyone updated on the events PTA participates in.


Sunnyvale PTA was asked to help fund a classroom library. We were happy to deliver these books/series to Mrs. Henderson at SMS. She sent PTA a wish list and we did what we could. Happy Reading!!

Our PTA member, Jennifer H., offered to tidy up and organize the craft closet at SES. PTA gladly stepped in an purchased the plastic totes to make the job easier. Thank you Jennifer for your HARD WORK!

BOX TOP$ everywhere! The community heard the call for box tops and responded en force! PTA counted and submitted over 8,000 valid Box Tops and tossed less than 100. That is a record low loss on Box Tops as we usually toss upwards of 50% of those submitted because they are expired or ripped and cannot be sent in. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Start with Hello Week was an amazing event at SMS. We were honored to play a small role in providing the Hello bracelets to the SMS students. KUDOS to SMS for taking a bold step towards inclusion!

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